Life without Martha… 

Martha Fernback and her mum, Anne-Marie Cockburn

Originally from Ayrshire, Scotland, I now live in Oxford, where the dreaming spires provide me with the beautiful backdrop I need in order to fulfill the dreams inside my head. Since I was old enough to pick up a pencil I have been a serious, but lyrical observer of life. I like to peel away the layers to find the story, behind the story, and the invisible minutiae becomes the main focus of my writing.

Since publishing my book, 5742 Days, it's as though the world cried with me as my story seemed to provoke so much dialogue. Over 130 media interviews later, the dust is starting to settle and my life is slowly starting to take shape again.

I have written for Mumsnet,  BritmumsThe Huffington Post, and co-written a Play of my book entitled What Martha Did Next, so yes, I've got the writing bug now and my precious Martha would be so glad that I finally found the courage to share my writing with the world.

If you'd like me to be a Guest Speaker at a conference, school or public-awareness event, please email to discuss.

Thank you,

Anne-Marie Cockburn (Martha’s mum)