The trees rustle and whisper to me, it sounds almost like the tide ebbing and flowing. That rhythmic beat that’s always there. My own breath drawing in and out, re-energising me without being aware of it most of the time. The odd deep breath when I’m feeling dozy or lacklustre draws down further like a gravitational pull that occurs without any conscious effort by me whatsoever. It’s only when that rhythm changes drastically or when the cruel elements of nature show its almighty power that we start to pay attention and question why the changes happened.

Invisible forces playing their part, an electro-magnetic field indicating life is inter-connected with the planet. An electric shock delivered by a defibrillator machine can bring us back to life. Actual electricity bringing an irregular human heartbeat back to a regulated gentle rhythm. That’s pretty wild really. 

As I type this, I can see the veins in my hands raised slightly above the skin. Little grey-blue wires giving life to me, a vast network within all working efficiently to provide what I need to function properly. Only if one crucial element fails would I know that the natural rhythm is out of sync.

Everything around me feeds me, permeating into my eyes and filling up my head. This constant dialogue from the moment my eyelids open until the weight of the day hangs heavy on them and the moon tells me to rest. While I sleep my body recovers and my dreams file the dialogue from the day, flash, flash, flash, a distorted fairy story that would make very little sense to the conscious me. By morning all feels right and as the sun comes up the fog of my dreams is lifted and behind that veil the rhythm of life ticks alongside and within us. 

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