I don't really know what to write about tonight. I've been involved with three events this week and am sitting content and happy at this side of things. It all went well and my head contains snapshots of memories from the past few days. The tiredness doesn't bother me, I'm just relieved that everything went to plan.

I've told my story a handful of times this week. I know why I tell my story and I know what telling it does to me - I wonder if it's healthy or whether it's actually holding me back in some way. I don't think so - anyway, it doesn't feel that way.

When people say things like 'something shifted when listening to you', I feel a responsibility to help others as much as possible, regardless of how tiring it all is. I don't force myself to look back in a deliberate way, we all have those moments when something pops into our heads and we wonder why. So I don't ever question it. I accept it all, knowing that it's either for a reason or not, simple as that.


I have a healthy regard for what is going on now in my life and try to remain focussed on 'what is', rather than 'what was'.

I take what is useful from the past and sit contentedly in this very moment.