OK, you'll need to trust me on this one. I'm about to take you on a peculiar and quirky journey - but bear with me. Now in 2010 The SunStroke Project represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is of no significance to me, it's not something I celebrate every year like some of my friends (you know who you are), but for some reason Martha started going on about someone known as Epic Sax Guy.

I'd hear this weird repetitive tune around my house played on repeat as I'd eventually shout 'enough Martha'. I'd hear her giggle echo down the hallway - but I didn't really understand what was going on. I discovered that this was accompanied by a dance Martha would do whilst maintaining a very straight face (which was unusual given how odd the dancing was). The dance was as though the kids from fame, had taken dancing lessons from the pink panther

This was around the same time that flash mobs seemed to be the latest craze. Martha eventually unveiled to me, what it was all about. She had started doing a flash mob (of one) - she'd stop in the school corridor or outside the shops where we lived and re-enact the dance that Epic Sax Guy had become infamous for.

I'm laughing as I type this as I think of Martha holding a pretend saxophone and mastering the weird hip movements with alarming precision - with a silly teenage dedication that she could have put to better use.

Before I let you feast your eyes, be warned that you can't undo some images - the hairstyles..., the outfits..., the stage setup..., the very dramatic intro...  I'll stop teasing you now and pay a little tribute of thanks for the memories and happy tears to Epic Sax Guy.

P.S. If like Martha, you can't get enough of Epic Sax Guy, there's also a 10 hour version here, but click the one above first to see the 4 minute version.