Saturday is probably my favourite day. The first morning of the week when it isn't about 'up and out', feeling sleep deprived or frazzled. I'm listening to Mary Anne Hobbs on radio six music in the background as I slowly put the remnants from the week back in their proper places. around my house.

On the whole, it's been a good week - no drama, no shocks or surprises, just a normal week where real life can take hold.

I'm preparing for a friend who arrives from Canada later today, I'm going to show her around Oxford and see where the flow of the day takes us. It's an easy city to walk around - it's impossible not to be impressed by the majestic backdrop of the dreaming spires.

Later we're going for an early dinner in Jericho and after that, who knows.

That's what I love about Saturdays - the serendipity of 'lets just see', some of the best moments in my life have been those which were unplanned and spontaneous.