I'm sitting in the basement of Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road in London. I'm being interviewed on a live podcast by Decca Aitkenhead. This event has been organised by LEAP UK for the Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control campaign.

I've just spoken to a researcher at BBC Newsnight as they've asked me to go on the show live tonight. Strangely, live interviews are easier than pre-recorded as you know that you've only got one chance to get it right - so the adrenaline kicks in and you somehow find the right words (well, hopefully). 

My stomach feels a bit queasy at the thought - although I've been interviewed probably about 150 times now,  I suppose my nervousness is really a resistance to the truth of my own story. It's painful, but I do it, because the thought of another parent becoming me is worse.

I'm about to do interviews with The British Medical Journal and Closer Magazine as it's so important to reach different readerships and to help to promote this problem as much as we can. I'll report back tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Here's the clip:-