I managed to sleep for 6 hours before the remnants of adrenaline from yesterday stirred me awake again. Updates were coming through on my phone throughout the night. As I now sit quietly contemplating yesterday, I can see the heavy rain bounding off the road outside the window of my Oxford home. 

Yesterday was interesting in helping me to gauge where all this is getting to. The dialogue is changing and people are getting the point of why all drugs need to be legally regulated.

In the 3 or so years I've been campaigning, I've found myself needing to defend my point less and less and that shows me that the tide is changing.

Professor David Nutt produced the following table which shows alcohol to be the most harmful substance and ecstasy to be the 4th safest.

As a society, we still have a long way to go with regards to educating people about using substances, but I believe things are heading in the right direction.

10 people die every day in the UK from a drug-related death, despite this the government says that what's in place is working. If that's a success in their eyes, what would a failure look like?