I've spent the day in Bristol with some of the other families from the Anyone's Child Campaign. As I look around the table, there's a 'knowing' look in our eyes, an understanding of what is really behind our façades. There's a grace and humility that is difficult to describe without experiencing it for yourself.

We are united in our collective grief - there's a powerful atmosphere of determination. Some have been campaigning on this subject for over 20 years and have now become experts as a result of the 2 decades they've travelled along this road. 

New families are now joining our campaign regularly - a bitter sweet reflection of what brought us together, showing the true nature of the world we are currently living in. Their recent losses hang in the air - but slowly and gently they bravely share their stories and talk about their respective loved ones.

It is so important to feel understood in these moments. To feel heard when it seems as though nobody in the world could possibly be listening - is reassuring.

In time we see their shoulders lift and their broken voices become resolute as they gather themselves and the wheels of their lives start to slowly turn again.

There are tears of sadness and there are tears of joy, but together we support one another and carry on because Anyone's Child was our child.

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