One of my favourite films is 'Hello I am David', a documentary film about David Helfgott which went on to inspire the film Shine.

I laughed a lot when watching this and there are many endearing moments too full of depth and generosity, depicting the best in human kindness. There's an incredible innocence about David, he's hilariously impulsive and impish - but his babbling insights are astounding and show the complexity of his mind and talents.

His wife is a person of great wisdom and strength - she needs to have a lot of patience to cope with David's behaviour, but she also recognises what a privilege it is to spend your life with someone like him. 

My favourite scene is about crunching an apple in your ear at 3am, but I won't tell you more - you should watch it and find out for yourself (it's worth it).

Speaking of the best in human kindness, two very dear friends know how much I admire this guy, so for my birthday they bought me tickets to see him in concert at the Barbican in London in May to commemorate his 70th birthday.  I can't wait.

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