Ok, so the writing thing is back - I missed my stop on the train back from London last night. At the station the ticket guy asked if I had fallen asleep, (I thought no, quite the opposite - I feel more awake than I've felt in ages.) He laughed and didn't charge me the extra that he could have.

I spent a few hours yesterday with one of the charities I work for called The Forgiveness Project, in the afternoon I went to The Foundling Museum which was an incredibly moving experience, then in the evening I met up with a documentary producer I've worked with before. We had drinks in the Mezzanine that looks over the Winter Garden Restaurant of The Landmark Hotel, London - the surroundings are very surreal and dreamlike.

Again, I woke up very early today, it's as though I'm shedding the winter months and coming out of hibernation. Oxford in Spring is stunning, the wild horses on Port Meadow, picnics after work with friends and swimming in rivers - you couldn't make it up, it is a very special place to live and one I'm glad my girl got to immerse herself in. 

I found a Greek proverb to fit my mood perfectly:-

'A society grows great when old men plant trees under which they know they will never sit'.