Did your family have a uniform hairstyle - one for the males and one for the females? If so, was it a page boy or bowl cut? Or perhaps like me, you got the generic perm. Every female in our household seemed to have one and the bubble perm seemed to be the perm of choice. The footballer Kevin Keegan, led the way for the male perm at that time too, so men weren't safe from the delights of the 80s perm phenomenon either.

Now, by the age of 12 I had never even had my hair trimmed, let alone cut, so I had more than a passing resemblance to the girl from test card

But once I got it cut for the first time, I was then allowed to get it permed. So I did - again and again, and again. A perm, on a perm, on a perm and so on.

Now, I have naturally wavy hair, which needs very little encouragement to go curly, so there was absolutely no need for me to get it permed whatsoever. It was like chemical warfare on my poor hair for the next 10 years until it dawned on me one day that I could create exactly the same effect using a diffuser on my hairdryer (and the invention of serum felt to me like the equivalent of the invention of the wheel or electricity!)

I'd like to apologise to my hair for the pointless perm habit and for the many hair mistakes I have made over the years. I'd also like to apologise in advance for any future hair faux pas which will inevitably come.