As I’m writing this A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead, is playing in the background, my favourite track varies from track 8 The Numbers to track 9 Present Tense. That’s the thing about life, it takes the right conditions in a given moment to activate something within us, tomorrow a different set of conditions will be needed in order to make us feel whatever it is we want to feel then. This ever changing dialogue, this exploration of ourselves. The need to venture and explore.

The song you buy an album for isn’t usually the one you end up loving in the long-term, but something led you there, it was a process, a necessary journey that began with one song and ended with another - one that touches you in a much deeper way. The song that was always there, the song that sat between all the other tracks patiently waiting for you to notice. You then play it again and again focussing in on the words, that seem as though they were written for you.

I hear the words ‘In you I’m lost’ hanging in the air of my living-room and grabbing my attention, they trigger thoughts and feelings. All roads lead back to you my love, how can they not? Today the words lay gently around my heart in a comforting way, nothing feels constricted - my heart feels open; I let love flood in, I let feelings flood in, letting life happen to me.