Fancy a cuppa? Shall we have a quick cuppa?

A cup of tea has lubricated many a conversation throughout my childhood and adult life. In fact as a toddler I had milky tea in my bottle, so we started early in our family. The plants in our house, even got watered with cold tea and they thrived on it, (that and cigarette smoke, but that's a story for another time).

Our kettle soldiered on from morning until late at night. None of this 'I can't have too much caffeine' in those days. It was more a case of fitting as many cups into your waking hours as possible. Row upon row of cups have marched alongside us throughout our lives, a powerful elixir holding us up as we tried to untangle problems and decide what to do next. 

Snuggling in bed with the first cup of the day cradled in your hands - a ritual to welcome in the new day before all the hard work begins and we run around like ants, with momentary stops for a welcome cuppa.

A pot of tea for 2 is a subtle, but powerful symbol of friendship, togetherness, sharing. 

Martha heard it said so often when she was little, that she thought cuppatea was a word. I think it should be in the Oxford English Dictionary and the description would say: 'solves everything – malaise, heartache, world peace'.