I've just been to see a live recording of the BBC radio show Just a Minute at The Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford as part of the 2017 Oxford Literary Festival.

Hosted by Nicholas Parsons, accompanied by his wife who was the dutifully timekeeper. 

The panellists were Maureen Lipman, Tim Rice, Paul Blessard and Kit Hesketh-Harvey. 

They were all very naturally witty, as you'd expect, especially Maureen Lipman and Tim Rice. Nicholas Parsons at the age of 93 is gifted with a sharp and brilliant personality and sweet wit of a bygone age.

It reminded me of childhood moments, sat by the open fire listening to old uncles and family friends telling stories from their lives. You know the days when proper conversations took place and the world seemed to run at a pace which was more wholesome and manageable (or perhaps I'm just looking back with rose-tinted glasses?)

Tim Rice introduced himself by saying: There was a young man from Peru, Whose limericks stopped at line two. The topics included daffodils, the caribbean, a cup of tea, gardening, the dreaming spires, alice in wonderland, the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. Maureen Lipman challenged her own repetition and was awarded with a point (such are the quirks allowed by Nicholas Parsons to comic effect).

All very quintessential and British, but I wouldn't hesitate to allow this deviation for 'just a minute' of my life, or even mind a repetition for that matter.