It's been a busy few months and so I'm heading to Scotland next weekend for 10 days to recalibrate. Ayrshire is an incredibly beautiful part of the world. The coast is stunning and I'll definitely be heading to the beach for some fresh sea air and perspective.

The beach I go to faces the Isle of Arran and Ailsa Craig and despite them being a regular backdrop during my childhood, I've never been to either.

When I'm 'home' it feels as though everything within me is in tune again. There's nothing quite like your family to ground you and put you in your place - as the youngest girl I get treated accordingly and bossed around a lot, which is both annoying and endearing.

I truly love living in Oxford, but sometimes I just need to head to Scotland - it's a visceral feeling I get when I haven't visited for a while, things stir within me that I don't understand and I get an immense yearning to head back to where I come from.

Since Martha died, I've often wondered whether I should move back to Scotland, in some ways my life would be so much easier if I did, but I've been in England now for 27 years and most of my friends are here (my modern family), so I'm not sure if living in Scotland again would really work for me in practice, but I'm open-minded about my future.

The uncertainty of my 'new' future is something I now find more exciting than worrying - the serendipity of life. I truly believe that there are good things ahead for me and whatever challenges are thrown in my path are supposed to happen - so I will accept them and learn as I go. 

In the meantime, Scotland is calling for me. 

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