After the early years spent reading books such as Milly Molly Mandy, I then graduated to The Adventures of the Wishing Chair about a chair that had wings. This had a particular resonance with me as my mum told me she had been gardening one day and had found me under a cabbage leaf, she then cut my wings off and took me in as one of her own (it sounds a bit sinister now seeing it written down like that, but as a child with a vivid imagination - I liked that story a lot as it made me feel extra special).

I learned later that this story wasn't a million miles from the truth of my origin (minus the fairytale allure), but I'll leave that mystery hanging for another time.

I visited the local library a lot and got absorbed in the Mallory Towers and St Claire's series by Enid Blyton. One of the best books I ever read as a child was The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang by Hans Jurgen Press as it allowed the reader to locate hidden clues and solve parts of the investigation themselves. I loved this book so much and would read it again and again as every time you read it, you could choose to go to different chapters to solve the mystery, so it was like reading a new book every time.

When I was about 12 years old there was one book from the school library that was always out on loan which was Forever by Judy Blume. I went to a Catholic Primary School so I was astounded that it stocked it at all, but as soon as word got around, there was constant demand for it. I eventually got my hands on a copy and my 12 year old eyebrows were raised a few times whilst reading it.

Around the age of 14 or 15, I remember loving My Sweet Audrina by Virgnia Andrews, as it seemed like a right of passage at the time as it was a little bit risque. 

I read to Martha a lot when she was little, but her love for reading alone began around the age of 7 with The Weather Fairies. I remember her sitting by the pool on holiday in Croatia reading them one after the other. The very last book she ever read was Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, but I'm not going to lie - she also loved The Diary of a Chav by Grace Dent!

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