Remember waiting and waiting, and waiting? We talked about nothing else at school for weeks. Who did it, who was it? I couldn't wait to find out the answer. Anticipation..., remember how that felt?

It was exciting, as though you were part of a special club - all waiting for the outcome. It brought you together with your peers, it was something you could all talk about.

Despite the weeks we had to wait to find out who shot JR, I can't for the life of me remember who actually did it. But that doesn't really matter, as the anticipation was more exciting than the result.

These days when I occasionally binge on a box set on Netflix, I can barely wait the 15 seconds between episodes. I also find my mind drifting and end up 'multi-tasking' whilst half watching whatever is playing in the background.

The key to happiness is said to be delayed gratification, with that in mind and the theme tune to Dallas playing in my mind - I think I'm in trouble.

I found this quote from Dallas which sums this up nicely:-

"...there are a few things that J.R. Ewing can't afford, but patience is one of them!"