I'm going to make a sad admission here - I have a Bobble off machine that removes bobbles from my jumpers. It redeems a sad old bobbly jumper into a brand new looking one once more - a type of up-cycling if you like.

I don't use it often, but on the occasions I do - I find it to be ridiculously satisfying (and slightly addictive). I once bought one for a friend and despite him raising an eyebrow when he opened the box - he was soon looking for more items around his home that he could render smooth again.

We've joked that there should be a helpline for people like us, who get a bit carried away with it all. So perhaps when you're considering cancelling your plans on a Saturday night so you can stay in to bobble off your entire wardrobe - you need to have a word with yourself. (In between writing this blog, I'm stopping to bobble off a pair of trousers. How did my life come to this?)

Now, in defence of my behaviour this afternoon - I want you all to know that a lot of my work is very intense and hurts my head a lot - so the odd mindless task is a welcome break at times.

Here's a very annoying clip to showcase this deceptive gadget. (No I don't get commission from bobble off before you ask!) And if you're tempted enough to buy one yourself - don't say I didn't warn you.